For a massive use of UID

Interoperability is a key issue for the future on the Internet, and there are many different approaches to it: metadata and data model standards, web services, semantic web. What EIfEL has decided through the creation of EventFolio is to explore is another approach, based on the following idea:

– a life is a succession of events, and these events are linked to people, documents and a number of contextual information, like the theme of the event, the subjects being addressed. Now imagine that each event is tagged with a unique identifier (UID) and that all the elements linked to this event are tagged with this UID. Let’s say that you attend a workshop on interoperability with 25 other people in Caen (France) and that you ‘tag’ the name of the people (or more precisely the profile pointed by a URI where (one of) their ID is being stored) as well as the metata ‘interoperability’ as well as the city of Caen and  the date in the calendar.
Then imagine that this is done systematically for every event we generate or contribute to. It would then be easy for me to retrieve the list of the people who attended this event (if they kept the UID in their profile and if they accepted me as a viewer of this information). And of course, if this technique is massively used, then it would be easy to find the people with specific interests, create life stories (eportfolios) automatically, etc.

In this model, we don’t simply use tags to enrich a document or a profile, but a UID that connects me to a subject and to other people.
Of course, as we are dealing with personal data. there is a need to enforce privacy. The way we want to address this is through the creation of a foundation.
If you are interested to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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