PLE, PRM and ePortfolios

During the VRM (vendor relationship management) session at ePortfolio 2008 chaired by Graham Sadd (PAOGA) 2 presentations by Peter Murton (PAOGA) and Bart Stevens (iChoosr) reminded me the discussion relative to individual and organisational portfolio: is the organisational/community portfolio an aggregation of individual eportfolios or the individual ePortfolios a by-product of the construction of an organisational/community portfolio.

Peter Murton presented MySortingOffice, a VRM application with interesting features such as multiple persona, temporary email and telephone numbers, anonymisation, etc. so multiple identities can be used to manage relationships with vendors.
Bart Stevens presented the example of the use of RFP (request for proposals) by communities to order heating oil and get discounts over 20% in comparison of the prices individual buyers would get.
So, in one case we have a Personal Relationship Management System (PRM) and the other, a Community Relationship Management sytem. 

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