The New Internet of Subjects Manifesto

After the Internet of Subjects Forum London (5 July 2010) Graham Sadd wrote in his blog: Violent Agreement Breaks Out at IoS Forum.

This was echoed in the final session of the 8th ePortfolio conference ( when Derrin Kent offered to invite the Mahara open source ePortfolio community to integrate the idea of separation between data, metadata and ePortfolio services. We hope that more ePortfolio providers will support this model, which should lead to greater interoperability across systems and organisations, whilst increasing control by individuals of the exploitation of their personal data. It is a path to creating true personal lifelong learning environments.
One of the next documents to be produced is a New Internet of Subjects Manifesto, based on the ‘7 IoS principles‘. It will be a response to the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (USA).
A simple analysis of the NSTIC document reveals that:
  1. there is not a single reference to (personal) data storage
  2. there is one single reference to publish[ing] private information
  3. there is no reference to ‘discoverability’
  4. the word ‘relationship’ is only used 3 times