French regions embrace the ePortfolio

Following a call for tenders by Region Lorraine entitled “Réalisation technique d’un e-portfolio (portefeuille de compétences numérique individuel) en région Lorraine : espace Web à accès sécurisé” (Technical realisation of an ePortfolio in the Lorraine Region) published this last July, a new call for tenders was published 12 August by Region Basse-Normandie: “mission d’assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage : orientation tout au long de la vie – expérimentation d’un dispositif d’accompagnement – création d’une maquette de e.portfolio régional” (Creation of a prototype for a regional ePortfolio).

NB: if you intend to respond, French language is mandatory.

The idea of a territorial approach to ePortfolios promoted by EIfEL (Un portfolio régional au service du développement et de la valorisation des personnes, des organisations et des territoires) is taking root in France, several years after Wales oppened the way with Careers Wales Online (2003) offering an ePortfolio to every Welsh citizen as the mean to support the development of a learning country.

During the Maastricht ePortfolio conference (22-24 October 2008), the regional ePortfolio theme will be addressed during several sessions, with representatives of regional ePortfolio initiatives from Wales, UK, Minnesota, Austria and France to discuss the foundations of future ePortfolio national and régional policies as well as international co-operation.

References to these call for tenders can be found on the official journal‘s Web site

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